Day 31: 9,335 Steps

Grand Total: 314,425 Steps

The Mater 10K per Day in May challenge ends today. I’ve walked over 310,000 steps this month. I will post exact amount later – going to bed after dental work. There is no way, without this challenge, I would have walked through wind, rain, cold, hand pain, toothache, blister, foot sprain, and plantar fasciitis to make this goal. It has taught me I CAN do things even when I have pain or discomfort!

Here’s what I wrote yesterday on Facebook:

Tonight I wrote:

314,425 total steps for this 67 year old, formerly sedentary lady. I walked through cold, rain, wind, blisters, plantar fasciitis, toothache, and foot strain. My GP, podiatrist, and reflexologist have been there helping and rooting for me. My husband walked half the steps with me but encouraged me in my growing love for solitary walking. I’ve seen gardens, cliffs, seashore, woods, and especially the River Lee. I’ve travelled approximately 210 km – that is 40 km short of the highway distance between Cork and Dublin. I no longer use a walking stick. I feel great and I feel grateful.

Wow – just discovered this…