October 13, 2007 - Luncheon for the Benefit of the Restoration of the Seay Mansion

Swans Mary, Helen, Carolyn and Dorothy came to Swan Virginia's table. Christi was there, too! We are sorry that Swan Betty and Swan Daisy had to miss. Boo hoo.

Click to enlarge all pictures. More pictures of the event can be found HERE.

OUR special tea! Flower tea from Beijing in tiny cups.

OUR table - in honor of poet and artist Don Blanding.

Swans Helen, Virginia, and Carolyn

With our little Bride, Christi

Who? What? Huh?

Oh yeah?

I'M not telling!

Little Mary

Dear, dear Paula Post!

Charlene Reiswig, Virginia, Paula

Swan Helen and Swan Mary

Swan Dorothy

Swan Mary wins a prize!

Swan Dorothy has a new cookbook!

Swan Carolyn's ticket won Swan Virginia a prize!

Flower from our table

 This cricket hopped into one of our cups!!!! He likes the Swans.