Christmas Tea Party - See Pictures!
Valentine's Party - See Pictures!
Private Movie Showing of Bridge to Terabithia for All Hawk Family and Relatives and Friends at the 89'er Theatre
Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma Diane's and movie! Everyone that could (whole family!!!!!!!!!!) went to see Firehouse Dog! About 45 people!!!!!
Mother's Day Picnic at Grandma Diane's on May 13
Fun fun fun and food food food
Fun with Flowers - May 24 | 4:30 pm
Making memorial flowers in the old fashioned Cheyenne way (pretty -but not so easy! We met at NBC Bank Community Room since the park was still wet from the rain.
Pizza and Chinese Presents - September 2007
Grandma Virginia came home from China with lots of stuff! Shawls and Fuwa!
Wedding Fun - September 29, 2007
Helping out at the wedding in many ways - decorating, making bouquets, serving food, and much more. LOTS OF DANCING, too! See some pictures

The Red Spice Girls were formed Christmas 2006; they named themselves in February 2007.