Southern Cheyenne Women's Songs
by Virginia Giglio

Foreword by David P. McAllester
University of Oklahoma Press, April 1994
With Audiocassette.

Playing, joking, teaching, courting, encouraging, and praying:  such everyday activities and the songs that go with them are the subjects of this unique view of contemporary Southern Cheyenne women's music.  In addition to musical transcriptions and textual translations, the author provides the songs' history and the circumstances and backgrounds of the singer-composers, who shared the songs' meanings and the social settings in which they are used in the ongoing Cheyenne musical tradition.  Includes a sampling of closely-related Arapaho Indian songs.

"The historical and cultural background is excellent.  The handling of the song texts is superb.." -- Judith Vander, author of Songprints

266 pages, 34 songs, 3 maps, 25 illustrations, glossary, index, 5 by 8. 


Leaving Everything Behind :
The Songs and Memories of a Cheyenne Woman

by Bertha Little Coyote and Virginia Giglio
University of Oklahoma Press, November 1997
With Compact Disc.

Bertha Little Coyote is a pistol: predictably outspoken and courageous, and -- to many people's chagrin -- piercingly correct in most situations.  In this memoir recorded by Virginia Giglio are Bertha Little Coyote's songs and memories of government school, old-time Cheyenne life, fighting white boys, singing around the drum, dancing with the war mothers, being baptized in the lake, and dreaming important dreams.  She has triumphed over 84 years of a difficult life, and has full hopes for an exciting spiritual existence after she "leaves everything on earth behind." Includes song transcriptions with English translations and a compact disc recording.

"This book presents important insights into the Cheyenne way of life."
-- Bookman News

Designated Exceptional Book, Library Booknotes, Bookman Book Review Syndicate

122 pages, illustrations, 10 song transcriptions, compact disc, index, 5 by 8. 


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