Brian Redbone

A Heart
full of love,

A Voice
as sweet as
an angel,

A Spirit
that could not
be contained!

Our Dear Friend Brian Redbone
passed away on August 17, 2005.

Brian was ready for the kingdom,
but we will miss him -
and his sweet voice -
here on earth.

The driver that hit his car was
found to be impaired by alcohol; the driver's passenger was killed. Brian's passenger was severely injured.

Please remember all involved in prayer.

Daw k’ee da ha dawtsahy he tsow’haw daw k’ee da ha dawtsahy hee.
Bay dawtsahy taw, gaw aym ow thah t’aw, daw k’ee da ha dawtsah h’ee.
Amazing Grace - Kiowa Language
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The old story about Brian . . .

Brian Redbone, a member the Kiowa and Apache Tribes of Oklahoma, serves the Lord through his singing ministry all over the United States and Canada. He was a member of the Master’s Touch and is now singing on his own. He has received numerous invitations to sing both in the U.S. and abroad, but without bringing a halt to his diabetes, both his career - and his life - may be cut short.

Brian is a diabetic with many health problems. Brian weighs over 400 pounds. He is seeking your help to have a surgical procedure -the Roux-en-Y Bariatric surgery.

Brian believes that this surgery will save his life, but the Indian Health Service does not pay for this type of surgery. Brian has been a Diabetic for over 20 years and is taking two shots a day and several kinds of medicine to control his diabetes. He has also received appendage amputations caused by complications from diabetes.

Brian has gotten to the point that he can hardly walk because it is simply too painful. It’s hard to control diabetes and high blood pressure even with medications, and his back pain and other severe health problems are not getting any better.

Brian wants to be able to continue serving the Lord with his ministry in singing. He hopes that someday he will be able to work as a RN or somewhere in the health field to help others.

$25,000.00 is needed to pay for the hospitalization, anesthetic, and special therapies needed before and after the surgery. These expenses include essential pulmonary studies, specialized intensive care after the surgery, testing and much more. Surgery can not be scheduled until the money is raised. You can learn more about this surgery by visiting

Each day is vital to his health. Family Insurance and Indian Health Services can not help with this type of surgery. Brian would like to thank those who will be making a donation by giving one of his Gospel CDs in return.

With your help and donations he will be able to live a full life once again. Donations on behalf of Brian Redbone may be sent to:


Portland Pentecostal Holiness Church
Attn: Rev. Floyd Been
3636 SW 39th Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73119

April 8, 2005
Gospel Singing in Seminole, Oklahoma

Help raise funds for Brian Redbone's Surgery!

Amazing Grace Pentecostal Holiness Church
Seminole, Oklahoma
Time: 7:00pm-??
Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated!!!

Everyone Welcome!

To stay updated on Brian, keep visiting
For more information on Native American Diabetes go to Diane Hawk Surgery Project

Thank you.

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